Website Strategy


Website Strategy

Producing a website strategy prior to designing and developing a website is an absolute must. You wouldn’t build a house without plans and you wouldn’t do anything that costs a considerable amount of money without having an idea as to how it would look and function.

A website is an extension of your brand and it must represent a core message and offering, which will connect consumers to your brand. When developing a website strategy, we determine every aspect of what makes a great website, some of which include, user-friendly content managements systems, design, imagery, content, opportunities for consumer lead acquisitions, responsive technology, social connectivity, search engine optimisation, Google analytical tracking and more. However the other most important aspects are timing and budgets.

Website Strategy
Website Strategy

Designing and developing a website can only occur after a website strategy has been produced, and it is extremely important for brands to be aware of how much it will cost them and how long it will take to produce.

A website strategy should be a complete snapshot of how your website will look and perform. It will also give you a list of requirements you need to incorporate prior to commencing.

RGC Advertising is a search engine optimisation agency, a PPC agency, a social media marketing agency, a Facebook marketing agency and more. RGC Advertising has won numerous international awards for website design, development and user experience, and the success of our websites are all due to the diligent website strategies we implement for our brands.

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